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These Strong Women Are Making “Friendweight Training” a Thing

Even people who “enjoy” exercise know it’s not nearly as fun as hanging out with friends. It’s why Swedish personal trainers Linn Löwes, 29, and Madelen Ros, 25, who met through a mutual friend five years ago, began working out together in the first place. (They immediately bonded over their passion for fitness.)

In a recent Instagram post published on the trainers’ shared fitness account, @DoubleDedication  where their grueling workout videos have been receiving tens of thousands of views since Linn launched in in 2015, Linn and Madelen took the partner thing one step further: They coined the term “friendweight training,” lifting a partner in the absence of equipment.

Like resistance training, which boosts your bone and muscle strength, metabolism, self-efficacy, and self-esteem, “friendweight training is a great alternative when you don’t have weights available,” says certified strength and conditioning specialist Aubrey Watts, a National Strength and Conditioning Association strength coach. “It imposes a new demand on the body, which provides different results than your normal routine.”

Although you can’t exactly up-size your friend the way you’d grab a heavier dumbbell as you get progressively stronger, friendweight training still benefits both partners in different ways: 
The person lifting with added resistance has to work harder than he or she would doing basic bodyweight movements, and the person being lifted has to stabilize his or her body to be lifted safely, which fires up the core.

Because the inability to stabilize could result in injury, Watts suggests partnering with someone at a similar(-ly-high!) fitness level. After all, a newbie’s improper form can make a move less effective and more dangerous — one reason why you should always master the basics under a trainer’s supervision before trying an out-of-the-box move with a partner or by yourself.
Luckily, neither Linn nor Madelene has sustained serious injuries from friendweight training — just a bruise here and there when their exercises, which can take many tries to master for Instagram, don’t go exactly as planned.

“Some [moves] turn out awesome, and some end up catastrophic, but always with a lot of laughter,” Linn says.

Still, Linn and Madelene take fitness pretty seriously — and know the body adjusts to the weight you’re used to lifting, making simple friendweight training feel easier the more you do it. It’s why the women also incorporate resistance bags, sandbags, medicine balls, and machines like the stair master (or actual stairs) into their workouts.

After all, no one’s saying friendweight training is for everyone. “Do what makes you feel best,” Madelene says. (And if that means lifting a glass of wine to your lips instead of lifting an actual human? Bottom’s up!)

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This is what British Military is doing to Nigerian Air Force regimental personnel

​The Nigerian Air Force (NAF ) says its collaboration with the British Military Advisory Training Team (BMATT) has produced another batch of trained NAF Regimental personnel.

This is contained in a statement signed by its Director of Public Relations and Information, Group Capt. Ayodele Famuyiwa, and made available to newsmen in Abuja.

According to Famuyiwa , the graduands comprised five officers and 200 airmen who graduated recently from the Regiment Training Centre (RTC), Kaduna State, having undergone 5-month Basic Regiment Courses for officers and airmen respectively.

He explained that the objective of the basic courses was to impact the participants with basic regiment skills and knowledge to enable them meet the complex demands of emerging security challenges.

“BMATT handled the airfield defence and force protection aspects of the training that lasted for 6 weeks.

“Among the graduands are additional 35 members of Defence Headquarters Special Forces trained in rappelling to impact in them the basic insertion/extraction skills for special operations,” he said.

Famuyiwa explained further that arlier in the year, the RTC in collaboration with BMATT, had graduated two batches of students totaling 313.

This, he said, included NAF officers, airmen and airwomen as well as personnel from the Nigerian Navy and Defence Headquarters.

Famuyiwa said that the new graduands were expected to be deployed to the North-East to boost the current strength of personnel involved in the fight against the insurgents.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that RTC had trained a total of 518 officers and men since its establishment in Jan. 20.

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