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If you follow a slew of fashion girls on Instagram, chances are, you’ve likely already seen most of the season’s biggest trends (think: plaid boyfriend blazers, sparkly boots, and puff-sleeved blouses) in your feed a dozen times over. Now, don’t get us wrong: We, too, love cool, of-the-moment silhouettes and the endless style inspiration from the IG pros that wear them. But every now and again we could use a break from the same ol’ fashions (and filters). That’s why, when we come across a fresh face with an aesthetic that stands out in a sea of cookie-cutter #OOTDs, our hearts skip a beat.


Case in point: Lifestyle blogger Sunita V., whose trademark look is built on classic, comfortable staples and versatile accessories, like PANDORA Jewelry’s stunning gems, rather than anything tooover-the-top. When it comes to style, the New York City transplant says, “I’ve always done my own thing. It’s all about what feels the most me.” Which is why her sense of style is ridiculously refreshing. Not only does and dress — to the beat of her own drum, but she looks damn good while doing so (as her nearly 150K followers can attest).

Ahead, Sunita tells us all about how her easy, non-cliché outfits come together, her secret to adding just the right amount of flair to every look, and why individuality is the key to winning style. Talk about sartorial empowerment.

Okay, so tell us, what does personal style mean to you? 
“I see style as a way to reflect my attitude and express how I truly feel, so I always dress based on my mood. I wear whatever feels good in the moment. Usually that’s something eclectic and vibrant — like brightly colored pieces or a mix of textures.”

What types of pieces do you typically gravitate towards?
“I used to be into more form-fitting clothing. But now, after a period of personal growth, I gravitate towards clothing that is free-flowing. It’s all about comfort from top to bottom — booties over sky-high heels, any day.”

When you’re putting together an outfit, what’s the first piece of the puzzle? 
“It always starts with my hair. For me, a bad hair day just throws everything off.”

What do you add to your look when you want to take it up a notch?
“Jewelry is always the last thing I add to any outfit; it’s the perfect finishing touch and gives an extra oomph to every look, without being the whole look.”

Tell us about your go-to jewelry pieces.
“I love a bold, chunky statement piece, but I also appreciate the allure of pieces that are more subtle, as long as they have a bit of flair — whether that be within the design or something like a special stone. PANDORA Jewelry’s designs are intricate and beautiful but not too over-the-top, so I can wear them with so much more — for day or night and for a variety of different occasions.”

What’s your trick for making your jewels stand out? 
“This season, I’m all about mixing different metals and styles, and stacking and layering different pieces together. It gives an outfit some dimension and really has the power to complete a look.”

What do you consider when you’re pairing jewelry with an outfit? 
“For me, it’s important that everything looks and feels balanced. In terms of clothing, I don’t want to overdo it because then the jewelry gets lost. I also don’t want to over-accessorize with jewelry because then that becomes the sole focus.”

Every outfit in your Instagram feed is totally your own — as in, you aren’t one to wear what every other blogger is wearing. Why is that?
“I went through a period where I’d wear things that weren’t really me just because they were on-trend, and I didn’t look or feel like myself. Since then, I’ve always done my own thing. It’s all about what feels the most me. Of course, I am inspired by other people’s outfits, but I make sure to wear things in my own unique way.”

How does living in New York City inspire your approach to style and self-expression?
“Seeing people celebrate their individuality is endlessly inspiring. It’s the reason I wanted to live here. There’s no set template for what you have to look like or what you have to wear — you can just be you.”

What do you think your style says about you?
“I feel like my clothes say, ‘I’m comfortable with who I am.’ I wear what makes me feel good, and I think that comes through.”

What do you hope people take away from your philosophy?
“I want to encourage people to express their individuality through clothing and jewelry — and to have fun with it. It’s a beautiful thing — and so refreshing — to see someone with a unique style totally owning their look.”

What’s your best style advice? 
“Don’t feel pressure to follow trends and keep up with anything around you. Just do you.”

Credits: REFINERY29
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