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FEATURED ARTICLE: NOVA Prophets – Osarose Aifuwa Timothy

The longer they rule, the less benefit the people derive. Nigeria now needs a ‘mind revolution,’ a revolution that calls forth a return to decency, probity, transparency of process and fairness in outcome.

This can be achieved not by subterfuge, divide and rule and turning Nigeria in a field of discord or a street of broken institutions. It is accomplished by honouring the principles of dugged democratic good governance and dugged economic justice. It is done by persuading the oppressors that we are better off as one instead of better off tearing at one another’s throats at the foot of the enemy.

I have come to a painful conclusion that the whole Nigerian state needs to be overhauled. We need a bloody revolution, not some peaceful revolution. As long as these thieving politicians are living, we will never have change. This crosses all tribal groups. We all know this “inconvenient truth.” Nigeria needs to be purged of these elements and some of its likeminds.

I feel the youth are no different frprophets

arents generation. I actually think they will be a lot worse. Instead of the youth in college saying that they want to be a doctor or an engineer, they say that they want to be a politician. And we all know the reason why they choose this path of work. It is in order so they can loot public funds.

A revolution is needed. Nigeria should not celebrate independence again, because we very much dependent in deceit. We have more impoverished people now, than 20 years ago.

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