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AMAZING: Twin Sisters In Brazil Celebrate 100 Years Birthday

Brazil’s oldest twin sisters yesterday celebrated their 100th birthday and to mark the momentous occasion, a photographer captured them in a whimsical photo shoot before their big day.

Camila Lima, of Cariacica, Brazil, told ABC News that she heard about Maria Pignaton Pontin and Paulina Pignaton Pandolfi after seeing a report on her local news.


The photographer said she regularly takes photos of older couples “as a way to inspire young couples.” She decided to reach out to the sisters, who live in Ibiraçu, Brazil, hoping they’d participate in a photo shoot to mark their milestone birthdays.

They immediately agreed.


Lima, 28, said the two-hour photo shoot on Monday included hair styling, makeup application and pink and blue matching dresses. She added that the two sisters “were all excited.”

“They did everything I asked and did not complain about tiredness,” the photographer said, noting that both were “very happy and satisfied” with the finished photo shoot.

It’s a great present for the twins and their big family.

Pandolfi has six children, 19 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren, while Pontin has five children, 12 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

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AMAZING: Google wants to help you buy a BMW

​The search giant and the automaker are unveiling an app that tries to make it easier to shop for a car.

A new app from BMW and Google lets you digitally customize a car.

You could probably call it tech for the 1 percent: Google and BMW are teaming up to make it easier to shop for that new Beemer you’ve had your eye on.

The two companies unveiled on Wednesday a new app that helps you digitally customize and virtually walk around a new BMW, so you can feel out the customizations before you buy. The companies unveiled the app during the annual CES tech trade show in Las Vegas.
The app, called the BMW i Visualiser, relies on Google’s Tango technology. 
Tango uses beefed up smartphone cameras and sensors to map out the parameters of a room and show you 3D objects, as if they were there in real life.
 For now, the tech is available only on two phones: the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, and the Asus ZenFone AR, which Taiwan-based Asus unveiled earlier Wednesday.

The i Visualiser app, which the tech consulting company Accenture also helped make, will let you digitally trick out only two BMW models: the i8, which starts at $140,700, and the i3, which starts at $42,400. In the next few weeks, you’ll be able to use the app at various BMW dealerships in the US and a handful of other countries, including the UK, Germany, China and Japan. 
Currently, the app is being tested at a BMW dealership in Munich.

BMW i8 plug-in hybrid concept

Later this year, Google said, you’ll be able to download the i Visualiser app from Google’s Play app store so you don’t have to be in a dealership to use it.

It may seem pretty upscale, but the broader implication is that this eventually could be for more than just rich people — or those who want to drop the money for a BMW. If this type of tech catches on, and if Google can get its Tango technology into more phones, then it could alter the way people shop for cars, and not just luxury ones.

Google has its sights set on more than just car shopping with its Tango technology. The search company wants it to be used for everything from gaming to education. Earlier this year, Google showed off a handful of demo apps, including one for creating elaborate, digital dominoes setups, and one from the American Museum of Natural History, which will show you a digital image of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Sam Smith has written three new songs with ‘In The Lonely Hour’ producer including a ‘dirty’ track

​Sam Smith is set to come back with some new heartbreak ballads after a NINE month break from the music industry.

The global superstar , who has been letting his hair down and spending time with family during his time off, has reportedly written three new tracks with In The Lonely Hour producer Eg White after working with him on his 2014 debut album.

According to The Sun Online , the songs, I Want What You Have, I Want You Dirty and Give A, have been registered with the star as the performer and Eg, aka Anthony Francis White, as co-writer.

Sam, 24, spoke about his break after winning the Best Original Song Oscar 2016 for Bond song The Writing’s On The Wall back in February.

Sam Smith performing on stage

He said: “I’m trying to live as well a little bit, and I think next month I’m going to force myself to just stay at home and see my mum and dad and my sisters.
“I feel like I’ve missed out on their lives a bit the last few years, so that’s my plan.”

And the star has certainly been keeping it real during his break, even shunning all the glitzy and glamour of his A-list lifestyle in favour of a Ryanair flight.
He was snapped earlier this year flying with the budget airline as he made his way back from Italy and the photo was then posted to Twitter.

“Mate coming back from Italy. Sam Smith on her Ryanair flight. Grounded guy, it seems, even when he’s up in the air,” joked the user.

The singer has been largely silent on social media in recent months after announcing in March: “I’m logging off for a while. Some Martinis shaken not stirred are definitely in order.”

He only surfaced briefly in June to pay his respects to the victims of the Orlando massacre victims.

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AMAZING: Dwarf couple joined in amazing fairy-tale wedding

A Sunderland couple who met whilst playing dwarfs in a Snow White panto have gotten married in a fairy-tale wedding, with their miracle son as page boy.

Laura Whitfield, who is just 4ft 2, proposed to 3ft 11 Nathan Phillips a month before the birth of their son – the only ‘double dwarf’ in Britain.

Nathan Junior was born with two different forms of dwarfism, anachondaplasia like his mum and pseudochondaplasia like his dad, and was not expected to survive more than a few hours.
However two years later, the healthy toddler acted as a ring bearer at his parent’s wedding.
They got hitched in the lavish South Causey Inn, in County Durham, among 50 of their closest family and friends. var infolinks_pid = {PID}; var infolinks_wsid = {WSID}; //resources.infolinks.com/js/infolinks_main.js