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3 Things I Know You Can Accomplish This Year

In case you just woke up from a very long nap and missed it, 2017 is officially here! Everyone you know is making New Year’s resolutions to work out more often, eat less fried foods, and find a job that pays them one billion dollars a year to do the exact thing they want to do.

You probably roll your eyes every time you read a status along these lines, and when you do, I have a feeling it makes you think that making these resolutions is an exercise in futility. I’m as much of a skeptic as the next person, but there are a few things I know you can achieve by the end of the year.

1. You Can Stop Thinking About Networking and Just Do It

How many times have you bumped into someone you knew and said, “Hey, this was great. Let’s set up some more time to talk about what I want to do with the rest of my life,” only to see three months go by before you even think about following up?

I’m not here to give you a hard time for ghosting anyone you intended to connect with. But at the same time, this is an ideal time to be more intentional about staying in touch with your network.
If you meet with someone and feel the urge to say that you’ll reach out to set up some time, stop yourself and just schedule the meeting in that moment. If you can’t commit to doing this, don’t feel guilty about not throwing out the “Let’s catch up” line to close a conversation.

Nobody will hold it against you for not offering to meet whenever you run into each other, I promise.

2. You Can Look For New Career Development Opportunities

I get it—sometimes it feels like there are so many options out there to “boost your career” that it’s impossible to narrow them down and make any progress. But, as daunting as it might seem, the truth is that simply looking at your options is a great way to kick-start some serious career growth.

You can sit down and create a list of all the options out there—courses, books, career coaches. And you can just pick one and follow through.

Whether that requires you to create calendar events for yourself (with annoying reminders) to keep at it, leave Post-it notes around your place, or have a friend text you every week checking in—get started by surrounding yourself with as much encouragement as you need to make this one thing happen.

Sure, you might find hundreds of classes and thousands of books that aren’t relevant to what you want to accomplish this year. But when you find the one thing that inspires you to dig a little deeper, you’ll be amazed by how motivated you’ll be to keep going.

3. You Can Take a Hard Look at How You Feel About Your Current Job

You might like your job right now. In fact, if you’re lucky, you might really like it. But there will come a time when you like it a little bit less, and a little bit less, and a little bit less—until one day you wake up and want to quit.

Avoid that feeling of “How the heck did I get here?” by setting regular checkpoints for yourself throughout the year (and creating actual events on your calendar that’ll pop and and remind you).
On each of these days, ask yourself the following questions

  1. Was I happy to come into the office this week?
  2. Have I done anything recently that I’m proud of?
  3. Does my current path still fit my long-term goals?

As long as you can keep answering yes, keep on cruising. But the first time you have to pause and think for a second, it’s time to have a heart-to-heart with yourself on what you want your next step to be (whether that’s addressing a problem or starting to make small moves).

If you want to set some lofty goals for your career this year, I’m not going to stop you. But there’s nothing wrong with going easy on yourself and setting a few achievable resolutions.

Remember: If you run into any roadblocks along the way, try not to let it get you too down for too long. The beauty of these options is that they’re ongoing and it’s hard to fall behind.

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3 THINGS: Types of Women every Man wants to Marry

​We are tired of hearing cases of domestic violence and abusive relationships. As beautiful as marriage is, it is not a do or die affair. It is important for you to choose your partner carefully in order to have the best out of the union.

You cannot feign ignorance if you end up in an abusive marriage. It is either you failed to see the signs or you decided to ignore the signs you saw. The beauty of a relationship goes beyond being joined in holy matrimony; it is the life you life after being joined that matters most to people.

Since the society has made women a focal point of attention when marriage is to be discussed, we are going to let you know the major types of women every man wants to marry. Even though people around makes women feel eerie about being single when they are in their late twenties, we will tell you the things you need to work on while you wait on your man.

If you are older than 25 and still single, it will be good for you to calm down and do the right thing. It will be painful for you to have to wait that long before getting married and still end up having a bad marriage.

Men have a mind of their own; irrespective of the shape you may have as a woman, there are certain things they look for when marriage is in view. Check out the types of women that will be every man’s dream woman any time any day:

1. The submissive woman

No one wants to know about your qualifications and the positions you occupy. If you are not submissive to your man, you are of no use. Men want to be in charge, knowing they have a spouse or a partner who makes them a priority thrills them.

Being rich and industrious is a plus if you are submissive. Being submissive does not make you a fool, you should never interpret this virtue as slavery.

2. The home keeper

Not all men are coordinated! Some find it difficult to put their acts together. Being in a relationship with a woman who can put the home and their affairs into order is important.

They are rest assured that everything is fine at home when they go source for money to keep the body and soul together. If you are beautiful and curvy without being able to render any help in the house, men will continue to use and dump you.

3. The woman who is not a liability

You do not have to be the CEO of any company for the world to see you are working. Men love women who are dedicated and hard-working.
These and other qualities are the things they will put together when the word ‘prospect’ comes up.

A woman is considered beautiful inside-out when the men know she can fend for herself and not depend solely on them. It is not fun when a party gets to drop money every time while the other party is not yielding.
If marriage is on your mind, you have to invest in yourself before expecting any man to place his money on you.


Are You Being Played? 3 sure signs she’s using you for MUGU

Men are usually painted as the mean ones in relationships. They are blamed for cheating, being disrespectful and generally taking the piss. However, these misdeeds are not limited to guys alone. Some girls can wash and hang a guy dry, clear his bank account, leave him broke and on to the next one.

It takes a really smart guy to detect signs he is being played. Especially when he is in love with the girl, his mumu button is activated and only a deliverance or friends intervention can save him. So guys, before you burn a hole in your pocket and your heart, study the signs that let you know if she’s real or just playing your ass.

1. Always the damsel in distress

Now this is a major warning for guys with a hero complex, always wanting to be her knight is shinning armour; if she calls you to save her all the time then you want to start hear alarm bells. You are her personal chauffeur, her go-to “best friend” when she has nothing better to do, her cover-up buddy (always covering up her ass, even when she doesn’t let you in on the full story). If you notice this, don’t panic just be aware of your position in the life of the girl you might be thinking is your potential wife.
2. On a date, she comes out with all her family members

Whenever you have a date or plan to hang out, she shows up with all her friends and family members without prior notice. Don’t be deceived, you are not getting introduced to her circle, she has brought them so you can feed them all. If you are loaded and have no problem with picking up the bill for seven human beings you most likely never met before then, go ahead but don’t say we didn’t warn you.
3. When both of you are alone, her mood changes

Aside from placing you in permanent friend zone, she will tactically make sure you don’t get any opportunity to share your true feelings with her or get intimate. Once both of you are alone, she wants her space and becomes a super nagger. It is only about her and how the world is against her, all to stop you from trying to escape the cage she has locked you in.

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