Who’s The Daddy? Chyna Takes Paternity Test After Kicking Rob Out Of The House!

Here comes marriage and baby, but where’s the love?
On the premiere of spinoff Rob & Chyna, Rob Kardashian and insta-baby mama, Angela “Blac Chyna” White, fought tooth and nail in the months leading up to the arrival of their daughter.
In the first red flag, Rob, 29, revealed that Chyna has kicked him out of the house every day during her pregnancy.
“Well, stop being bad every day!” Chyna responded to Rob’s objections to being constantly tossed outside.

After learning at the doctor’s office that they’re expecting a baby girl, the two were ecstatic— but the 28-year-old model became enraged when she realized “mama’s boy” Rob immediately broke their pact to keep the gender a secret by spilling the beans to his mom, Kris Jenner.
Chyna, who grew up in a broken home and stripped to pay for college, admitted she has a hard time understanding why her fiance has to run to his mother for everything.
“Rob has been babied by his mom and his sisters, and it’s a little bit different from me,” she explained.

Chyna seemed willing to let her man’s loose lips go, but then went ballistic when the insecure Rob went through her phone and began making wild allegations about her baby daddy #1, Kylie Jenner‘s rapper boyfriend Tyga.
“He tried to accuse me of cheating with other men, even with Tyga,” she told the cameras. “I’m so mad and so hurt and it makes me worry, ‘What are you up to Rob?’”
Chyna then became paranoid herself, and accused Rob of being the cheater.
“Why are the f*** are you still texting b****es?” she screamed in an epic FaceTime fight . “Are you still texting b****es, yes or no…Have a nice life by yourself, I swear to God!”

When Rob refused to answer her texts and even house calls, an exasperated Chyna turned to her man’s best friend, mom Kris.
“I feel like he doesn’t have a main focus so he finds things to pick at,” a nervous Chyna told Kris, who responded that she should be more gentle with her sensitive son.
“He’s never going to change if he doesn’t feel good about himself,” the momager pointed out.
Kris eventually agreed to smooth things over with Rob for Chyna, but the mama’s boy seemed hesitant to kiss and make up.

“Sometimes I feel like I really need to focus on myself, so I can be happy and healthy and really enjoy this baby,” he explained.
The drama remained unresolved at the end of the episode, and judging by a new preview, only seems to escalate throughout the season.
At one point, Chyna even takes a paternity test!

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Split As He Sinks Into Depression: ‘I’m Out Of Her House!’

Rob Kardashian and fiancee Blac Chyna have a wedding in the works and a baby on the way— but they just can’t seem to stop fighting.
On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the Kardashian/Jenner clan was reeling over the misfit brother’s volatile romance.
Over dinner with Khloe and Kendall, Scott Disick broke the news that Rob and Chyna had gotten into it, and blamed the blowout on the former recluse’s pressure to provide for his insta-family overnight.
After years of hiding on sister Khloe’s couch, “now he has to take care of a woman, a child and a stepchild,” father of three Scott explained, referring to King, Chyna’s son with ex Tyga.

In a conversation with recently reconnected sister Khloe, Rob revealed that the fight was much more than just a small rift.
“I’m out of her house and we’re not living together,” he said.
“You’ve got to be strong on your own two feet,” divorcee Khloe responded. “So no matter what, you’ll always be okay.”
After speaking to Chyna alone, momager Kris soon realized that Rob’s all-too-familiar behavior had torn the parents-to-be apart.

As Densdome.WordPress.com readers know all too well, Rob spent years in a deep depression

only made worse by drug abuse.
“It scared me, because everything we had experienced with him, she was experiencing, same thing, Kris explained to Kim and Khloe.
In another scene, Kim told Kourtney she had also called former BFF Chyna, who said she was frustrated by his sleeping all day and difficult attitude.
“He’s depressed,” Kourtney summed up.

Meanwhile, Kris planned a big 32nd birthday bash for Khloe at Dave & Buster’s arcade and party venue.
Though Rob seemed iffy on the possibility of attending, he eventually showed up to the soiree with Chyna, who made her grand KUWTK debut on week before the premiere of her own reality show, Rob & Chyna.
“It means the world to me to have my brother at my birthday,” Khloe gushed, while also acknowledging former enemy Chyna’s efforts to make good with the famous family. “It shows me how much Chyna does care about Rob…That’s an intimidating situation to walk into.”
In a much less exciting subplot, Kourtney got over her fear of public speaking while taking the stage at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards in London— and also spoke about her fragile, now platonic relationship with baby daddy Scott.
“Do you ever think you and the Lord will get back together? You know you are, right?” Khloe asked.
“I just don’t know what’s in God’s plan,” Kourtney sighed. “Somedays I’m like never, and some days I’m like, maybe in the future.”
Either way, she concluded, a reconciliation would not be happening in the future.