Minister for Labour put Under Arrest for Bribery Involvement

NAN reports that the Ugandan minister, who is also a member of parliament, was arrested alongside his bodyguard and one other person. He allegedly took a bribe from the owner of the Hilton Hotel after promising he would in return help him deal with sexual harassment accusations from one of his workers.

Ugandan minister, Herbert Kabafunzaki with the bribe taken

The amount was part payment of total of 10 million shillings that he had demanded from Mohammed Hamid, the hotel owner who a female worker accused of harassing her for s*x.

“He had promised to help him (hotel owner) sort out that issue. He was arrested shortly after he had received the first installment of 5 million shillings,” Emilian Kayima, a police spokesperson said.

According to Uganda Sunday Monitor, Hamid is the boss at Aya Group, the proprietors of the Hilton Hotel in Kampala.
One of his former employees alleges that he sexually harassed and molested her before she was summarily sacked last year, prompting her to take up the matter with the police.


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