Unbelievable! Meet World’s Youngest Mother, At Age Five

​80 years ago, a young girl in Andes, Peru, set a record that stands to date—she became the youngest mother ever at the incredibly tender age of five.

Lina Medina’s stomach started growing and she experienced abdominal pains, and her parents attributed both cases to a stomach tumor. However, when doctors conducted tests, they discovered that she was carrying a child.

In May 1938, Lina had a perfectly healthy baby boy through cesarian section. The family named the baby Gerardo.

Lina with her son and the doctor who delivered her the baby

Doctors said although Lina was so young, her reproductive organs were mature. Although Lina’s dad was suspected of having caused her pregnancy, there was never any evidence and Gerardo’s dad was never known.

Gerardo lived until he was forty and Lina is still alive today, aged 85. Gerardo grew up believing Lina was his sister until he was ten years old.

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