4 THINGS: why attending vigil can be dangerous for you

​Literally, vigil is the rite of staying awake for devotional purposes but vigils in Nigeria has been hijacked by insecurity.

Since this religious rite is often held all through the night, the mind of the congregation tends to be divided due to fear of attacks that could be lunched on them even while in the church.

Here are 4 reasons you should consider before deciding to attend a vigil in your church.

1. Violent attack

A young lady violently attacked by an unknown man

Going for a vigil could make your lives vulnerable to attacks from terrorists, hoodlums and gangsters. It is likely to be a potential place for suicide bombers to lunch their attack since it is in the middle of the night.

2. Fear of being killed

A man pointing a gun

When you have divided attention towards your communion with God then the primary aim of the vigil has been alternated. The congregation’s mind is filled with doubting questions, “what if I die?” What if…

And with an unsettled mind, you cannot serve the Lord.

3. Insecurity

Man attacked due to insecurity

The church of God is no longer seen as a sanctuary because of the atrocities of crime recorded at vigils. You cannot even entrust your personal belongings to your seat partners.

Robbers are not even scared to rob in the house of God anymore.

4. Immorality

The unexpected can happen if cold sets in during service at the back of the church

This is the time for lustful exploration by youths. They tend to indulge in immoral activities at the barest available opportunity.

These youths have neglected the word of the Bible which commands that the temple of the Lord should be kept holy.

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