WWE superstar and COO Triple H reveals his love for one Premier League club

​WWE superstar Triple H has revealed his love for a London club who are currently struggling in the Premier League.

In a bizarre twist, H is not an Arsenal or Chelsea fan rather he supports West Ham.

He revealed last year he was a big hammers fan but reaffirmed that love in a recent interview with ITV where he backed his team to do well in the league.

The wrestling legend wants his team to build on their midweek win over Burnley and start moving in the right direction in the Premier League.

“They had a win. It’s momentum, in the right direction now,” he told ITV.

“A win’s a win! You can’t take that away.

“Always believe! It’s never too late, just keep your head up. Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

Mark Noble’s goal gave the Hammers a huge win over Burnley

Triple H has won 14 wrestling championships as well as the King of the Ring title.

Maybe West Ham need a hard man like H to improve in the league this season as they have often shown a soft center.

: January 21 @Akin Deko Auditorium

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