Death and Me |by Okoemu Okoemu Okoemu

DENSDOME- I was walking through country home street, close down town, I was actually walking to meet up with a friend of mine who came from the next town. I heard someone calling my name, the voice was unfamiliar and the was calling on and on, I stopped and looked back and guess who I saw? A lanky, dejected, and depressed man. Fair complexion and I wonder, that baritone voice was from this man? I thought he was one of those beggars, I did not utter a word, because I was observing who this man could be. 
Good afternoon sir!

Good afternoon to you.

My name is DEATH! Can I speak with you, please?

Death…. First, it was Devil, second, the Church… Now, Death? Hmmmm! 

Death, is my time up? Have you come for me like you always do to human race?

He was stabbed by my words, he was lost in confusion.

Everyone hates me! Nobody wants to understand me, nobody wants to hear me out! He pause. Can you please hear me out? I need to talk to somebody, I need to speak to you. Hear me out. I am not what people think I am. Please, let me speak.

Don’t dare,

Don’t talk to me!

I hate you, 

I hate your generation

You reap where you did not sow,

You strike when life is sweetest,

You take the young, the old, and all

You take from anywhere and anytime,

I hate you, I won’t hear more from you. Go away! Get lost, Death.
      He looked at me with tears strolling down his wrinkled face, and said as I walked on:

No, Okoemu!

I am not so.

I was made just like you,

I do nothing of my own,

First I was made a punishment to man, when he broke the edge and the serpent stings,

And later on, when the Son of Man destroy death by dying and restored life by rising, I was made to be the gate way of the after life. 

He explained

And you have to take when one least expect?

No, I take when it is time…

Even the young?

There are things man do not see, the youngsters, I take, for it is an avoidance of something terrible.

And babies?

Let me explain, 

When I strike, 

I end pains, sufferings, torture, sickness, doom and evils you can ever imagine.

Life will not end for life to begin if I do not strike.

Even at that, why the young?

You are concern about the young because you think there is life here? No life here. If your eyes are open, life here is death, and the after is life itself.

I am death,

A friend who is seen as enemy to all,

Who, all despise and reject…
Because you are a terror,

Where ever death is mentioned, there is tension everywhere, the atmostphere is tensed. The world is cold… There is stillness, there is shock, tears, pains. You take dearly beloved, at the time they are relevant most!

You take the mother and make the child motherless!

You take the child and make the mother childless!

You take beloved and cause tears in the home.
… If only man could see the joy in death, you all will appreciate me. I take people out of sufferings, sufferings they call enjoyment. 

Out of death, death they call life.

Out of pain, pain they call pleasure.
Is that all?
No, I am the gate-way to eternal life,

Where there is life and no sorrow, where there is no hate, no troubles and no worries. Without me no man will go there. Some begged and pray that I stay away from them, I did stay away from some, and the beg that I come later, because life is not a place. I take people out of the worse to a better place. All these I am assign to do because of my love  for man kinds. Now, can you imagine a world without me and only that lady called birth is in charge? 

Can you imagine a world where they give and no one is there to take?

Can you imagine world full of struggle is without end?

Okoemu, man need to accept me and stop the hate on me. Think about it. I will see you again.

I hope it is soon. Good bye – I said.

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