I Have A Message From The Devil

I left home very late that night and everybody were wondering where I was going. I told no one because I know either, were I was going. All I know was that I was going somewhere. I took the journey through many paths and all the paths were Strange to me. None have I pass before. I found myself in a place, a place without light, but I could see clearly. There were beautiful-ugly things everywhere. I was admiring them in disgust; still in my mood of admiration found myself before a non-majestic throne and sitting on the throne is a handsome gentleman looking fellow. He look handsome but his inner ugliness is unhidden from my second eyes.

        I stood still with my eyes going through him from head to toes. He stretch forth his hand and we had a handshake . He expressed and ugly smile. My first words were “are you the devil?” And his response was “yes” I said to him I have heard so much of you. Is this how much you are?” And he was mute for awhile and then said: “I am happy that somebody is here to visit me” I told him, I am not here to visit you, I was on a walk and I simply find myself here. And he smiled at this. But I did not bother to ask the meaning if the smile. There was a dead silence for sometimes, and then, he broke the silence saying: “there are two worlds, world of sense and of ideas.” I interrupted him saying, I am already aware of that, my good old friend, Socrates told me before. He made a cynical remark hearing the name: “Socrates” I only wonder, has my good old friend, Socrates been here? But I did not let that bothered me. When he noticed that, he said:

Sir, can I ask you for a Favour?

I said, what is the Favour like? 

And he said: help me deliver a message to the world when you shall return.
I said you were saying something about idea and sense. And he responded “oh yes!”

       As I was saying,  base on that, the world of idea is perfect, and it is heaven. 
Then I said what about the world of sense? 

And he said, it is earth and the other world. Earth is for man, Heaven is for God and I belong to the other world; it is the dark world. Here is the dark world. As God is the king of heaven, man is the king of earth and I am the king of the other world, but God’s power is above them all. Then, man, thereafter I, the devil. But I am wise, foolishly wise in a way and I know it. Man is higher than me but man is more foolish than me. They don’t know how to make decision, they don’t know what is good for them and they reject who mean well for them. This is why I am on leave. Now, here is my message:

“Tell them, that, I, the devil, I am on sabbatical leave. I am resting, I am relaxing, because men have chosen to work for me. They are now doing what I was suppose to be doing, this is why I am on leave.

       I was wondering how is this my business? It was like he read my mind; so he said, all they are doing are my will, tell them, I, the devil is very happy, very pleased with their doings. 


All the killings,

I am happy;

All the raping,

I am happy;

All the kidnapping,

I am happy;

All the stealing, 

I am happy;

All the injustice, 

I am happy;

All the embezzlement,

I am happy;

I am happy because,

Man is sleeping with man,

And woman sleeping with woman;

Humans sleeping with animals,

And humans making love to plants;

Father making love to his daughter,

And mother to his son,

Brothers and sisters sleeping with each other. 

I am happy,

So happy!

Because men are using men for rituals, and prostitution is everywhere and legal. These are my services and duties, my responsibilities, men are doing them all and I am very pleased. I am very happy with them. 

     I was in inexplainable mood after hearing the peroration from the unknown famous devil, he laughed out loud and I was a bit frightened. I looked straight into his eyes and before I could say anything, he said again:

“I, the devil is happy,

Because there is furnication,

There is adultery,

There is violence and,

There is war!


Why are you doing all these, what has the world done to you? I shouted in fury.

He responded, I am not the one doing it, they made a choice. I am only pleased with their choice. The only thing I do is place the items and attach their benefits and they decide, I don’t force no one. It is their choice to serve me.

We both maintain a silence maybe waiting for who to first say a word. Then he said: 

“My message is, I want you to thank them for me, if not for anything, that they are helping me fight God. You know God said their body is his temple. That temple ought to be sacred and covered. But they expose it and invade it. It is my will. I am happy they are doing my jobs and I am resting. But let me tell you what they don’t know, when I am done with them, they will be crying and I will be laughing. I will open the hottest part of my hell and they shall be put there, with no mercy.

       I thanked him for his message and left. I walked long and tired. I was so very hungry and thirsty. The Devil is not even kind at all; he could not even offer a meal or drink for who he called a guest.

-by Okoemu Okoemu Okoemu 


        Edo College, Benin City

        #Teaching Practice 


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