Saudi Arabian Prince Executed

​The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior has announced the execution of Prince Turki Saud-al-Kabir who is a member of the royal family.

In what was described as a rare case, Prince Turki was put to death after he killed a man during a brawl in Riyadh, the state capital.

The ministry said: “In announcing this, we want to affirm to all that the Kingdom’s government is determined to establish security.

“It will bring about justice and implement God’s law against all those who attack the innocent.” 

It was reported that the prince committed the crime in 2012 and the death sentence was upheld by the Appeal Court and the High Court.

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Prince Khaled Al Saud who is also a member of the royal family welcomed the execution of Prince Turki.

“This is God’s law, and the way of our blessed kingdom. May God have mercy on the killer and his victim.”

Saudi Arabia is reportedly one of the top executioners in the world with its latest one bringing the number to 128 in 2016.

On January 2, the country executed 47 people with Iran protesting the killing of a Shi’ite cleric.

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