PHOTOS: See what happened to a 2yr old boy who smoked 40 cigarettes a day

​Six years ago this boy was just 2, but he became extremely famous on the Internet. Why? Just because at that young age he was already addicted to smoking! See what he is up to now!

His name is Ardi Rizal and he lives in Sumatra, Indonesia. What made him so famous? Well, just these few photos! On them the little one smokes cigarettes like an adult man. And being just two years of age he used to consume over 40 of them per day! 

People from many countries got upset and very angry about such a thing. His photos managed to accomplish some good. They aroused the awareness of the problem of children getting addicted to smoking. A campaign against it was started after his pictures went viral.

Now Ardi is 8. What is he up to? Well, the good thing is he managed to get rid of his addiction, but the sad part of the story is this: a small boy of just 2 years of age needed serious rehab! It’s hard to imagine!

The boy got very much attached to his doctor and he knows the man would be sad if he starts smoking again. This keeps him sober. However, when you get rid of one thing, often you get addicted to another. With Ardi it is food.

After quitting smoking, he started to gain pounds and became obese. So, once again he got the medical help and got rid of another destructive habit. It’s so sad that such young kids get treated like that and the adults never stop them on their way to destruction!

What do you think of Ardi? ⤵


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