Are You Being Played? 3 sure signs she’s using you for MUGU

Men are usually painted as the mean ones in relationships. They are blamed for cheating, being disrespectful and generally taking the piss. However, these misdeeds are not limited to guys alone. Some girls can wash and hang a guy dry, clear his bank account, leave him broke and on to the next one.

It takes a really smart guy to detect signs he is being played. Especially when he is in love with the girl, his mumu button is activated and only a deliverance or friends intervention can save him. So guys, before you burn a hole in your pocket and your heart, study the signs that let you know if she’s real or just playing your ass.

1. Always the damsel in distress

Now this is a major warning for guys with a hero complex, always wanting to be her knight is shinning armour; if she calls you to save her all the time then you want to start hear alarm bells. You are her personal chauffeur, her go-to “best friend” when she has nothing better to do, her cover-up buddy (always covering up her ass, even when she doesn’t let you in on the full story). If you notice this, don’t panic just be aware of your position in the life of the girl you might be thinking is your potential wife.
2. On a date, she comes out with all her family members

Whenever you have a date or plan to hang out, she shows up with all her friends and family members without prior notice. Don’t be deceived, you are not getting introduced to her circle, she has brought them so you can feed them all. If you are loaded and have no problem with picking up the bill for seven human beings you most likely never met before then, go ahead but don’t say we didn’t warn you.
3. When both of you are alone, her mood changes

Aside from placing you in permanent friend zone, she will tactically make sure you don’t get any opportunity to share your true feelings with her or get intimate. Once both of you are alone, she wants her space and becomes a super nagger. It is only about her and how the world is against her, all to stop you from trying to escape the cage she has locked you in.

Please Share With Us If You Know Of Any Other Sign(s) ⤵


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