Kim & Kanye Betrayed? Former Bodyguard Believes Robbery Was ‘Inside Job’

​Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a tight group of friends they trust — but could a member of their inner circle have betrayed the famous couple last night?

The pair’s former New York bodyguard, Steve Sanulis, believes the shocking robbery may have been orchestrated by a friend or family member who knew everything about her whirlwind Paris fashion week trip.

“It definitely could have been an inside job,” the Silver Shield Security LLC owner and actor said.“

Somebody had to know how to get in the private entrance. How would they know how to get there, how would they know there was no security, how did they know that she was going to be by herself?”

The thieves “were either very lucky, or knew the situation.”
As Densdome previously reported, Kardashian, 35, was tied up by a group of thieves posing as policemen who then proceeded to rob her blind. At least $10 million in jewels were reported missing from her Paris apartment.

Earlier today, Stanulis told newsmen that the vicious attack could have been prevented had proper security measures been taken.

“If they had had the right person, this wouldn’t have happened,” the safety expert said, explaining that West, 39, should have hired trained, armed guards.



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