WWE News: John Cena on If Vince McMahon Would Bring CM Punk Back to WWE 

​Recently John Cena was interviewed by TMZ. During the course of the interview, Cena was asked if WWE Chairman and owner, Vince McMahon would ever bring back CM Punk.
CM Punk had recently made his UFC debut after a less than cordial breakup with WWE a couple of years ago. CM Punk had many gripes with the company some of which included a misdiagnosis of a fatal staph infection by WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann. 

He was apparently burnt out after years of working in the ring and was frustrated with WWE creative. All these issues came to head when Punk walked out, the night after Royal Rumble in 2014. 

Things turned sour when WWE fired Punk on his wedding day. The issue was badly handled by WWE and they burnt all bridges between both parties. 

Following that, CM Punk appeared on the Colt Cabana podcast and said a few things about WWE management and staff that didn’t sink in very well with the company. 
Dr. Chris Amann even filed a lawsuit against Punk on the charges of defamation.

The John Cena and CM rivalry was also highlighted in the showcase mode of the WWE 2K15 game

CM Punk stepped in the octagon last month against Mickey Gall. However, he could not replicate his success in the squared circle. He was submitted by Gall with a rear naked choke in about two minutes. 
It was a humbling experience for the former longest reigning WWE champion of the modern era.Cena, however, was optimistic about Punk’s chances of making it back into the WWE. 

He said that if there was one thing that he knew about Vince McMahon, it was that he would go out of his way to do what was best for business. 
Cena said that if bringing back Punk was in the best interests of the business, then it would eventually work out. 
He made it clear that the name in question didn’t really matter as long as the two parties were willing to negotiate and work things out.

It is important to note that a number of superstars such as Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior mended fences with the company in the past after some disagreements. 
Also given that Punk is 37 years old, he might still decide to step into the squared circle a few more times before he finally hangs his boots.

Punk and Cena were perhaps the biggest names in the WWE roster back in the day, when the two won the SLAMMY awards for the best superstar of the year in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The put up some memorable matches together including a five star class at Money in the Bank 2011 in front of a packed Chicago crowd. 
The two crossed paths several times during Punk’s 434 day title reign. Their Night of Champions clash in 2012 is also a match worth watching with Paul Heyman on the side of a heel Punk. 

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