Stages of Alzheimer’s: Recognizing the Symptoms

​When Alzheimer’s Is Mild, Moderate, or Severe

Alzheimer’s disease usually starts silently, with brain changes that begin years before anyone notices a problem.
When symptoms start, they are usually mild at first. Forgetfulness is often the first sign. 
This isn’t everyday forgetfulness that everyone gets from time to time. It’s more than that. For instance, someone with mild Alzheimer’s may get lost in familiar settings and ask the same questions repeatedly. If it happens a lot and causes problems in your daily life, that can be a sign.

Over time, the condition affects more and more of the brain. As that happens, Alzheimer’s shifts from mild to moderate to severe. This process usually takes several years. Doctors call it the “progression” of the disease.
Although there is no cure, it can help you to know what to expect so you can plan to meet your loved one’s needs in each stage.

There are no hard-and-fast lines between mild and moderate stages, or moderate and severe stages, but over time you can expect to see changes such as the following.


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