5 THINGS: Superstars WWE Smackdown Live needs right now 

​Smackdown Live is putting on some great shows every week. These superstars can help it gain greater momentum against Raw.

Imagine Kurt Angle as the leader of American Alpha

Week after week, the blue brand has constantly been putting on better shows than the red one. As Raw clocks some of the worst ratings in history, Smackdown’s equity and viewership continue to grow. The need of the hour is to capitalize on this momentum and propel the blue brand to the absolute pinnacle of wrestling.

We believe that by bringing back certain superstars from the past and from other promotions, Smackdown Live can be the WWE A-Show for sure. Here are some names that we think could really make a huge difference and make Smackdown the show to watch every week. 


Rey Mysterio Jr. could bring highflying action back to Smackdown

The only thing that Raw is doing better than Smackdown is the Cruiserweight Division. After the reception of the inaugural CWC Tournament and the success of the Cruiserweights on Raw, it was rumored that Smackdown will have its own Cruiserweight Division very, very soon. And who better to lead The Cruiserweights in the blue brand, than Rey Mysterio Jr. himself? He’s got the reputation, he’s got the charisma, and even at his age, he certainly can go.

Look at the quality of matches that he’s been putting on in Lucha Underground right now. Rey Mysterio’s addition to the blue brand roster would also give Vince McMahon the Latino connect that he’s been searching for. Kalisto did not connect with the audience. Alberto Del Rio was let go before he could. La Sombra/Andrade Cien Almas is not getting over in NXT, so it’s doubtful he’ll do so on the main roster. In fact, if Mysterio puts over a new star like Apollo Crews, it’ll boost his career. 


Asuka could add a lot of legitimacy to the Women’s Division

It’s only a matter of time before she is called up from NXT, truth be told. But let’s face it. The Smackdown Women’s Division is a one woman show. And that woman is the Smackdown Women’s Champion – The Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch. We’re not questioning the talent of any of the other girls in the division because all of them are great workers.
But there’s a difference between being a great in ring performer and a legitimate superstar. Asuka has the X-factor that a lot of the current roster is missing. 
When she is brought up to the main roster, and feuds with Becky Lynch, the matches will really be off the hook. Working with Asuka will also make a lot of the more ‘green’ girls more seasoned in the ring. 


Brother Wyatt, your terror is Ovaahhhh!

Some feuds begin and end on social media alone, because the talent exists on different brands. Broken Matt has changed the face of modern wrestling on TNA, and considering that the brand is in trouble right now, we wonder if Broken Matt Hardy may want to jump ship simply to put an end to the cold war between him and Bray Wyatt.

This war of words started on Twitter continued on to the Wyatt Compound, where WWE blatantly ripped off the Final Deletion video. Whatever his decision is, we hope that the outcome will certainly be better than the Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt feud, which is headed nowhere except towards complete and utter boredom territory.
As optimistic as we are for a good outcome, we know deep down in our hearts that Matt Hardy’s character is too complex for WWE to understand, let alone handle. Although we confess that screaming ‘Delete! Delete! Delete!’ during Smackdown Live has its own charm. 


The Club’s current momentum has been anything but Too Sweet

Remember how, just a few months back, The Club was the hottest thing in wrestling? Aligned with A.J. Styles, Anderson and Gallows looked set to become the dominant heel stable in the company. But as it always happens in WWE, when one angle gets too hot, everything else is buried. The New Day is poised to break Demolition’s record and become longest reigning tag team champions in history.

The Club has jobbed so many times to them, that they seem like a joke now. The Old Day skit did not do them any favours at all. All they need to do at this moment is jump ship to the blue brand, and align themselves with A.J. Styles once again. What this will achieve is more legitimacy for Anderson and Gallows as tough evil dudes, and also give A.J. Styles some muscle. Hey, plus Amber Gallows may be happier that Luke isn’t around Dana Brooke at the moment. 


The most awaited Return in WWE History

John Cena goes on a hiatus for a while after his match at No Mercy. What the blue brand will lack in his absence is a top babyface. And who better to fill the void than the man with intensity, integrity and intelligence? We understand that this will be his last run in the company before his retirement, but Kurt Angle has expressed his desire to come back to WWE on more than one occasion in the past.

Whether he comes back to put over talent, or in managerial capacity leading American Alpha into the future, Kurt Angle’s return will be off the charts. And while this is not the same Kurt Angle of 2001, he’s still got it in him to put on a 5 Star match.



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