The Latest Backstage News on WWE’s Involvement in TNA Purchase Negotiations

​As we noted earlier today, TNA President Billy Corgan appeared on ESPN Radio’s Dan Le Batard Show, and during the appearance Corgan confirmed that Vince McMahon and WWE are still in the bidding to purchase TNA.  Corgan added there is a “gunfight” right now over who will get majority control of TNA, and when asked by show host Le Batard how you beat Vince McMahon when he wants to purchase something, Corgan said “you don’t”.


Dennis Densland Okoemu has published a new article for DENSDOME reporting WWE is still involved in TNA purchase negotiations and noted WWE is “in a confident buyer’s stance.” Densland added WWE is comfortable letting the situation play out because they realize the pressure TNA is currently under. Densland wrote the following:

“I am told that WWE believes a deal may come down to the final minutes and they are comfortable closing a deal in that scenario. They also are comfortable letting TNA move forward with their PPV this weekend and TV tapings next week, if they can somehow find the funding.”


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