UNBELIEVABLE! Abdulmutallab, US bomber to vote in Edo election

​Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who has been convicted for terrorism in the United States has appeared in the Edo state gubernatorial election registrar.

Abdulmutallab was sentenced to multiple life imprisonment in the US after he tried to detonate explosives but surprisingly, his portrait appeared in a fake voters register according to Governor Adams Oshiomhole.

DENSDOME reports that the governor raised this alarm during a visit to him by the United States Consul General in Lagos, Mr F John Bray.
The Edo governor said that although the portrait of the convicted criminal carried a Benn name, it cast doubt about the fairness of the election which is largely between the All Progressives Congress candidate, Godwin Obaseki and Pastor Ize Iyamu of the  Peoples Democratic Party.

Oshiomhole said:“The foundation for credible election is the voter’s register. Oncethe voter’s register is manipulated, then you have problems.“Right now, we have evidence of two versions of voter’s register – the one they have officially distributed and the one that some elements within the ICT in INEC have also produced in Abuja.

“And what they have done in the past, whichwe hear they want to re-enact again, is that whereas they will display one voter’s register which is reasonably accurate, there are still some flaws but let me say it is about85 percent accurate, they also have a fake one which they intend to bring and spring a surprise in certain locations where they believe that they have no chance, and when the voters go there and you find a voter’s register different from the one that you know, there will be confusion in those votingcentres.

“At the end, you may end up having people’svoice level going up and one thing leading tothe other, and you could have violence. We will show you those samples between the one that we know and the one we have gotten through our intelligence and I want togive a copy to the embassy, and so you can study it and see it. That, for me, is the only thing I am worried about.

“If the INEC has two versions of voters register and they display one officially, then we have a problem. And the reason why thisis extremely worrisome for me is that in my election in 2012, INEC tried to use this method to disenfranchise many of our supporters.”
“For example, I was shocked to find the portrait of Mr Abdulmutalab, and that will interest your Excellency, the young man who has been jailed in the US for a terrorist act. His portrait is in the fake voter’s registerwith a Benin name under it. I am sure if you look at the face, if we don’t know the face, you the US officials know the face. 
And you find the name under it, that it is a Benin name in Ovia South West.”He also claimed that members of the opposition had been enlisted to serve as election moderators by INEC.“Last night, in my local government, one of the PDP leaders, who incidentally is on the list of INEC observers, I can be very specific,one Tenebe. 
We have information that he got boys around and they were shooting butthe police went to apprehend them; they engaged the police in a shooting.“The police had to go and reinforce. As we speak, I don’t have information as to how that was settled. If you have people like this engaged in violence, then it poses a challenge.”
“Unfortunately, it takes more than one hand in this case to achieve a free and fair election. All the political parties must be committed to putting away this thing.”
Bray said they were present to monitor the election and expressed optimism in its fairness.“We are here to observe the elections, we will all be watching this election very closely. It is essential that the election is peaceful, fair and credible and reflect the will of the Edo citizens.
“The postponement was a setback a few weeks ago, but I still believe it offers us the opportunity to hold the first successful and transparent gubernatorial election in states in 2016.

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