TNA Sale Latest – WWE In Firm Position To Buy?

As DENSDOME earlier reported, the clock is ticking on TNA making a deal that would allow it stay in business. If the company isn’t soldto a financially healthy party by Friday, then it would be forced to cancel Sunday’sBound For Glory Pay-Per-View event and subsequent television tapings. 

Such a move would essentially be a death knell for the 14-year-old promotion.While TNA President Billy Corgan has been considered the most likely candidateto purchase the company (and assume itsdebt), the immediacy of the situation has renewed the possibility of WWE purchasing the company. According to DENSDOME Insider Mike Johnson, Dixie Carter – who, despite being out of power, is still the company’s majority owner – has been in negotiations with WWE for the past five days.

A sale to WWE – an entity that, more than any other, can easily assume the financialresponsibility associated with the purchase – would also spell the end for TNA. The sports entertainment giant is apparently only interested in TNA’s video library and the contracts of select performers, meaning that the league would cease to exist as an independent entity.

Even if Corgan were to purchase the company, a planned rebranding likely wouldn’t turn its fortunes around. According to Johnson, “the fuse on the TNA bomb is close to the end.”


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