PHOTOS: See what the economy made this young lady do

​Recession has become a classroom word in Nigeria now; everyone knows what it means as the economy is not favourable now. 

We all know the likely implication of this. People will go into crime and blame it on the situation of things in the society. Businesses are starting to crumble and the poor are getting poorer and more miserable.
The prices of food has skyrocketed, the thought of this alone is killing as people do not know how they are going to go about this. A young Facebook user by the name Ogechukwu Kate Ada has stunned the whole nation by venturing into Agriculture.
The young lady took to her social media page where she shared pictures of herself going to the farm and processing cassava which she eventually made into garri. Knowing fully well that a 3 cups of garri cost about N400 in the market, Ogechukwu stated clearly that she will not use her money to buy that when she is mentally and physically fit to go to the farm and process cassava by herself.
That is something courageous given the fact that the youths in this generation have little or no interest in farming. Those who have what it takes are not ready to venture into farming or hold a cutlass to clear their environment.
Since our oil bank has reached a state where the future is looked at bleakly, this young lady is smart enough to know that all roads lead to the farm. Ogechukwu’s actions has generated quite a number of reactions as people have different things to say about her.
Note that this young girl is a 300 level-student of Ebonyi state university, Abakaliki. She is studying History and International Relations at the university. Ogechukwu’s parents are not farmers even though they have farmlands. Her actions have inspired thousands of youth across the nation.
See pictures of the young lady who started processing garri because of the situation of things in the country:

1. Ogechukwu




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