​Sentiment is a very deadly virus liable of absolute destruction. There can’t be accountability and development where politics and election of leaders is based on the ground of sentiment. Election ought to be who can and not who you know; but because we are stiff necked people blindfolded with sentiment, namely: departmentalism, facultilism, tribalism, friendilism and off course hostelism, we are bent on over the years electing the wrong people into the right places and the right people into the wrong places. The reason why there cannot be a better SUG is that we have decided not to look beyond the horizon. We are crying out when it hurt and once we are given mere first aids instead of real medical treatment we shut-up and began to sing unholy praise. 
        The SUG in AAU will continue to be paralytic and crippled, handicap and swim in the ocean of inept corruption if we continue to vote because he is from my department, he is from my faculty, she is my hostel mate, she is my girlfriend, we are from the same village etc; these are uncivilized doctrines that defiles the idea of politics and deflower the woman hood of SUG. That he is from the least populated faculty is not a will that he cannot perform. There is a Damisa I have not known, but I’ve heard about him. From the faculty he came from; one of the least dense faculty (faculty of law) and yet as Sug president he performed better and far better than those who came from the densest faculty. He wrote his name and that of the entire aau in gold. 
      It is time we take politics beyond “I” because this is what is killing us and it snowball effect is magnanimous that we tend to forget we are the architect to designed it all to happen because we allowed sentiments blindfolds us. There are few persons who desires their candidates to win so that he or she will keep benefitting even after graduation; they will open the sermon of faculty interest and departmental interest and in fact personal interest to have you see the unreasonable reasons why your conscience should not lead to you to choose for yourself. Some will show you pleasure that they themselves do not have, and cannot have; sometimes when this fail, they resort to threatening. This is primitive, outdated, barbaric and a high sense of bestiality. You as an individual should be able and have the right to examine, compare and contrast candidates and make a useful decisions for yourself as to who the cap fit, wether the person is from whatever faculty or department. What matter should be, he is a student, he can do it and he is not a criminal. 
       There are also some candidate that we know failed woefully as class reps, departmental heads and morally speaking they don’t deserve any position because “he who is unfaithful  in little will also be  unfaithful in much” how then do we make the grievous mistake of entrusting power to such persons who in a little way, were disappointment and failures? This is, because we are sentimental, too blind to see.
     When you go to the study of politics you will realize that most things we do and think that is what politics should be are unpolitical and deviate from the idea of politics. You look carefully and see a disappointment, failure projecting a candidate for a position, then I ask the question can a goat begot a lamb? The answer is NO! Then why do we fall for these? My beloved and fellow students, fight against sentiment, rise above it and vote for he that can. The person you can criticize because the antidotes to a good government is criticism and it takes a wole Soyinka to criticize his own mother. Let us improve, let us look beyond the horizon and let us raise above sentiment in this forth coming SUG election. Vote he that can not necessarily he you know.

-by Okoemu Okoemu Okoemu


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