See the PDP campaign poster that’s got everyone talking

On the poster, a seemingly old woman named Nuratu Abike Sokoya is contesting for the position a councillor in a local government on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party. Well, a lot of social media users are not having it cool.
A social media user identified as Nki Ru shared the above photo on social media with the caption:

“What is wrong with this photo of PDP candidate in Iperu, Ogun state? Actually I don’t know where Iperu is located but according to Wikipaedia, Iperu or Iperu Bale Oja is a town near the Ibu River in Ogun state in southwestern Nigeria. It is the most populous town in Remo Region of the Ikenne Local Government Area.”


Maigari Sani Auwal commented on the photo saying: ”Forget about she’s a PDP member and say the truth. How can old people like this still be contesting? Then what’s the future of the youth? A councilor? Then at the age of 100 she will go for presidency abi? If this is to be from apc we would have been here condemning it abi?”
Chijioke Ugbolue wrote: ”Na wa, but this is a great grand mama that should be somewhere praying for her grand son or daughter to win a Councillorship election of their development area Council. Please not the other way round. Honestly mama your services are not needed now. You have contributed your quoter to the system in one way or the other, you are resting now and you should continue to rest mama!”


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