Goodluck Jonathan on a new line of business: selling fishes in Abuja (Photo) 

​Former president Goodluck Jonathan has hit big money selling fishes at his farm in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.
Densdome reports that Jonathan’s fish farm, which he opened early in 2015, has become the talk of town with fish sellers thronging to the farm located at the Aviation Village, behind the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja to buy fishes in wholesale.

The farm, currently under the management of the Chinese company SCC that constructed the farm, sells more than 8,000 kilogrammes of fishes to wholesale buyers on weekly basis.
The fishes are divided into the large-sized ones which weigh 2kg and above, medium-sized that weigh somewhere between 1kg and 2kg and the small-sized which weigh below a kilogramme.

Densdome reports seeing hundreds of plastic containers and more than ten vehicles loading fish at the selling point near the farm’s gate.
The buyers said they sell the fishes they buy to other retailers in the Kado Fish Market and other markets in and around the Federal Capital Territory.
Meanwhile, Niger Delta Peoples Professional Volunteer Force (NDPPVF) has said it will blow up the NNPC if the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arrests former First Lady, Patience Jonathan.
NDPPVF said its members are workers in the oil and gas industry and warned that they will detonate a bomb at the headquarters of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).


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