Shocking: Man steals phone then this happened

A man has been left very shocked after the smartphone he stole started talking to him.
According to 36-year-old Dennis Okello, he was left in a dazed state and has been very disturbed since the Samsung mobile phone he stole from someone started talking to him.

The Ugandan man said the phone was questioning him, asking him why he decided to steal it from its owner. Even though Okello said he removed the SIM card from the phone after he stole it, he can’t explain how the phone could talk to him.
Okello who admitted to stealing the phone in Lira town, Uganda, on Sunday, September 18, said the phone kept flashing different colorful light. Here’s what he said:
“When I took the phone to my house at Blue Corner in Ojwina Division, Lira municipality, the phone started talking; asking me why I had taken it. As it was talking, the phone kept on flashing different colours.”
According to him, he fainted and when he woke up (just like in horror movies), he was naked and cold:
“After the whole room lit up with very bright lights, I felt unconscious. When I regained my senses, I found myself naked and my clothes hanging on the wall and the phone still talking.”
This incident forced him to take to the streets to confess his crimes and when the owner a cab driver, was contacted and his phone returned to him, he said he never used witchcraft on his device. He said:
“I am very surprised if that is what happened because I am a Christian who does not believe in witchcraft.”


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