Shocking: Read what 99.08% Manchester fans said about Rooney

​Drop Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney or persevere? That was the simple question posed to fans.

According to The Sun, Jose Mourinho will drop the captain from the Manchester United starting XI after a horrific run of form,

The source reports that the manager  is ready to sacrifice captain Rooney in a revamped team to take on champions Leicester City this Saturday.

The Red Devils slipped further down to sixth position as they lost their third game in a row ( 1-3 to Watford at Vicarage Road). 

With this result, it is the first time since 2002 since the manager  lost three matches in a row.

And the response was shocking with 99.08 of those who responded wanting Rooney out  of the first squad. The survey from the private RedIssue Sanctuary made fans’ advice for Jose Mourinho clear.

In a poll titled: “How do you solve a problem like Wayne Rooney?” a measly 0.92 % suggested Mourinho perseveres with the captain.

Speaking about Rooney, Mouriho said: “I can take him out. It’s no problem for me to take him out, no problem for him to be out.”

He noted: “But I was just reading the game and feeling that playing with the two strikers, Marcus and Zlatan, I needed Mkhitaryan and Rooney just inside because the full-backs were the ones playing really wide on the touchline”


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