Change begins with me: Nigerians in diaspora backs Buhari

​Nigerians in diaspora seems to be in tandem with President Muhammadu Buhari’s “change begins with me” campaign.

These Nigerians under the umbrella of Nigerians in the Diaspora Monitoring Group (NDMG) on Friday, September 16, threw its weight behind the president’s new campaign, mandating citizens to change their mindsets.

The NDMG in a statement signed by its United Kingdom coordinator Adeka Onyilo said the new campaign offers the last hope of restoring respectability to Nigeria and Nigerians.

Onyilo said the change begins with me campaign could become the greatest initiative of President Buhari’s led administration due to multiple “spin off” benefits that its adoption could fetch the country.

He further  said that most challenges facing the country would be addressed by the campaign which is said is long overdue.

“Any Nigerian who has travelled outside the shores of the country would attest to the stereotyped perception of Nigeria that is largely negative because of the ills committed by a few,” Onyilo said.

He also said: “A widespread adoption of the ‘Change Begins With Me’ campaign would bring about more individuals changing their ways at personal level, which would then multiply to present a positive image of the country.”

“We are confident that those in leadership position will have no option but to align their conducts with global best practice once they see a citizenry that is galvanized to change the country since follower-ship plays a greater role in how leaders implement their mandate.

The NDMG said the group’s expectation is that the campaign leads to an improvement in the perception of Nigeria.

The group said this would boost the confidence of foreign investors to do business in Nigeria and  strengthen the image of the country as a tourist destination.

It also said the  benefit of the new campaign would improve the ability of Nigerians living abroad to get employment and do business in our countries of residence.

“The appeal to the federal government is not to be daunted by those who are attacking the campaign because they are yet to fully understand its implications for national life. Instead of succumbing to the blackmail and condemnation of the campaign, the government should see it as the impetus to reach out to more Nigerians with the message of change.

“As people who have experiences that are constant reminders of the way the old Nigeria was perceived, we urge Nigerians irrespective of their location or age to see it as a wake up call to be more patriotic and proud citizens of our dear country,” the group said.

President Buhari launched the change begins with me campaign last Thursday, September 8.

Since its launch, many Nigerians have called on the president to first of all deliver the change he under the platform of All Progressives Congress party promised the citizens.

Also, the campaign has been marred with various scandals including the expose that the idea was stolen from two media consultants Akin Fadeyi and Omor Bazuaye by the minister of information, culture and tourism Lai Mohammed.

Just today, September 17, evidence emerged that the speech given by the president was dubbed from a speech once given by United States President Barrack Obama


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